drawing of the day - " under-grad self-portrait "

rodecker_portrait, originally uploaded by prodecker.

One of the many self-portraits I worked on as an undergrad.

In the beginning, I did not like trying to draw myself from life (from a mirror). I found the entire process to be alien and uncomfortable. I remember thinking how glad I would be when the "time" for the drawing had passed and I could move on (to what I thought back then) where the real important things (when it came to drawing).

12 years later I am still drawing these things. Funny how things work out.

This drawing was all about exploring possibilities. I could not see (at least back then) most of the lines I drew, but that was not the point. I was trying to learn "what could be". I was asking questions. Every line was in response to my uncertainty. I wondered if the line I was drawing should continue or stop? What if the line went left instead of right? Sometimes, my lines merged, while others submerged. I discovered the longer I kept my line(s) "alive" and "moving", the more interesting the drawing would become.

The more interested I am in a drawing, the more interesting it becomes.