drawing of the day - " twin "

rodecker_twin, originally uploaded by prodecker.

This is an under-grad drawing. One of my many self portraits. Like many of my students, I was uncertain how to continue drawing myself in an interesting way. (of-course, back then I didn't realize how interesting I was.:)

So, my solutions with this drawing was to "draw faster, draw more, and draw in more places on the picture plane."

By speeding up my process, I was able to literally watch my drawing appear before my eyes. Also, the speed of my mark-making produced many more lines for me to choose from ( in regards to the hope of finding the right line for the right part of the drawing). Also, having more information (drawing marks) on the picture plane made my drawings much more interesting to look at.

One of the greatest strengths of my under-grad drawings was the many many many many mistakes I would make while drawing them. In reaction to these "mistakes", I would erase erase erase erase erase and erase until my fingers would ache.

This drawing and erasing, drawing and erasing, drawing and erasing, established a rhythm that would make my drawing vibrate with life.


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