drawing of the day - " freehand form study "

rodecker_2head, originally uploaded by prodecker.

Most people do not have the fortitude to stick with something when times get tough. When things seem their worse or perhaps seem impossible, the typical reaction is to run away from the situation. Or to use the difficulty of the moment as an excuse to give up and move on to something else.

The logic is the old "grass is greener" somewhere else. Or the even older "things are not working out, there doesn't seem to be any hope, so one might as well quit"...

I differ with those limiting beliefs.

Let's use drawing as a metaphor. When an artist is tempted to give up on a drawing, it is typically when the artwork isn't looking like the artist wants it to. So, their philosophy is that if they start over, it will be better. It's an interesting idea; but from what I have seen from experience, is they run into the same situation again, over and over, no matter where they are or what they are doing, until they stop running away, and make the artwork succeed! No matter how hopeless it may seem to them.

They refuse to give up.
In that refusal hope is created.
Life does not dictate, instead we dictate life.

It's easier just to give up on something when its tough. But, the best lessons and lives are learned and lived through dedication and perseverance.