drawing of the day - " drawing from the mid-80's "

Drawing from the mid-80's, originally uploaded by prodecker.

I just recently found an old folder on my external hard-drive that has a whole bunch of drawings (most of which) I did in the mid-to-late 80's.

What a blast from the past. I remembered scanning all those drawings in, but I never could find the folder. Well, I found it now, and this is one of them.

Back in the mid-80's, I drew a bit more stylized, and none of my drawings were ever based off of direct observation. Instead, It was mostly flow of thought and consciousness. I tended to repeat myself more than re-invent myself, and my drawing tools were very limited (which can be a good thing, but not all of the time).

For this drawing, I (am pretty sure) I drew it free-hand and colored it in with highlighters. The "cut-out and drop-shadow" effect was done in PhotoShop to help the drawing translate to the web in an interesting way.

To this day, my Mom continues to mention these drawings, and wishes I would re-investigate them with my current art. She likes the interaction of the stark black out-lines and the bright highlighters.

I have been needing a reason to get some new highlighters, so maybe I will. Moms always know what's best.

Let's try to draw today,