digital of the day - " 0123456789 "

0123456789_beginning, originally uploaded by prodecker.

My latest work has me dealing with the numbers "0123456789" and the letters "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz".

I thought I came up with this idea recently. However, the above image (which I had forgotten about and just found) was created by me on my computer in July 2008. So, this idea has been brewing inside me for at least the last 7 months.

Thus, I am reminded again (and again) of the importance of documenting my work.

Now my current body of work has a deeper context it can reach back to. Also, the above image has re-ignited my interest in using the computer as a source of image creation and manipulation.

I have always wanted to see the type of art I would make combining my computer, printmaking, and drawing abilities . I believe this union is ripe for exploration and I am excited to see what happens.

Of-course a new computer would be helpful. Maybe I'll just get some more pencils and draw a computer. I wonder if I would draw a "Mac" or a "PC"...


Robin said…
I think you could draw a computer far more interesting, and possibly, more useful, than a MAC or a PC. what a thought!