photo of the day - " branching nature "

branching nature, originally uploaded by prodecker.

I was standing outside ( a very early cold morning ) waiting for my Jeep to warm-up, when I looked up and saw ( yet again ) how trees and their branching nature remind me of elements of the human form.

I could not help but notice how "arterial" the tree branches looked.

Anyone drawing from this scene would learn quite a bit about the importance of repetition and variance when it relates to the creative act. Most young artists feel the need to come up with something " new " every time they start a new project or venture into a new area of their artwork.

Instead, there is a lot to be learned by sticking with an idea or a form. It's good practice to work an idea beyond the typical and drive it to unexpected and informing levels of creativity.

This takes time, and time is an important ally when it comes to making art.