drawing of the day - " untitled "

Drawing - " Untitled ", originally uploaded by prodecker.

This is one of my under-grad drawings I did while attending the University of Central Florida.

This was one of the first drawings that I started realizing the connections between things ( in this case the features of the face ). As I drew I became the bridge the filled the gap between the "seen" and the "unseen".

In this drawing, I am happy with how the paper (arches cover) color, white, red, and ink-wash worked together. All the elements were very effective in helping each other stand out.

My under-grad teacher -Robert Rivers- was an incredibly powerful influence on me, my art, and my life. I will forever be grateful for his belief in me and my art. Rivers saw something in me that I did not see in myself. His belief in me helped me believe in my potential as an artist.

The direction of my life forever changed upon the arrival of Rivers.


You realize a lot of people could (and do) say the same about you, yeah?