drawing of the day - " foot "

detailing the foot, originally uploaded by prodecker.

This is (yet) another drawing that I had forgotten about. I didn't completely remove it from my entire consciousness, but it definitely had fallen "way" to the back of my mind.

Anyway, I like this drawing's use of perspective. I do not use perspective much in my drawings, nor do I teach perspective much (if at all). I teach perception.

Drawing Perception.

Perception is a funny elusive thing. We look and see everyday, but that is not the perception that drawing teaches. Drawing brings to us a vision of the world that is much more. How we see the world is revealed in our drawings. How we see our drawings is another matter. When we look at our drawings do we use the same vision we use to cross the street or navigate through a crowded room?

How does drawing teach us or need us to see? What do our drawings reveal to us? How many drawings does it take to learn to draw? Does learning to draw have anything with drawing?