photo of the day - " retired nokia "

nokia_retired, originally uploaded by Paul Rodecker.

I used this phone for up to 3 years (if not longer). I finally had to be retired. It actually still works, except the screen does not light up anymore, so basically it's not user friendly anymore.

The duct-tape helped keep the nokia going, but now it is gone. goodbye nokia....I may frame it and put it on the wall.

The moral of this phone is:
I tend to stick with things (or people for that matter) who stick with me. This phone never gave up on me, even when I accidentally washed and dried it, dropped it over and over again, ran it over with my Jeep, left it places, temporarily lost it, threw it across a couple rooms, and spilled a couple/few cups of coffee on it. Even with all of that and my numerous faults, this phone stuck with me.

Thank you (my old) nokia.
Thank you for not giving up on me.