Drawing of the Day - " Play in the Rain "

play_in_rain, originally uploaded by Paul Rodecker.

This is another entry from my Red Journal. I was drawing outside when it started to rain. I would have gone inside; but I noticed that the kids across the street in the playground where quite happy it was raining, and continued playing.
That was a good lesson for old boring self, so I stayed outside as well and continued writing. I soon realized (or better yet remembered) that my pens were not water-proof, and some of my words were getting affected by the raindrops.
This moment reminded of one of my favorite artists named - Ian McKeever. He is a drawer/water-colorist who travels across the world to have nature's extremes interact with his art. There was one watercolor painting he created in the Antarctic where one can see where his paint was freezing as he was painting!
So, somewhere inside this time with me writing in the rain, I came up with this little passage that I am very fond of, and I glad to be able to share it today.